More reasons to choose EZBook

EZBook is Easy to Use

EZBook is a publishing revolution! No need for expensive, complicated programs such as QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign. EZBook gives you exactly what you need for creating a yearbook without a steep learning curve. It’s ideal for anyone with basic computer skills. EZBook is also built to be compatible with most PC computers and peripherals and Mac computers operating in OSX 10.7 or higher.

Save Money

Submit your yearbook as a digital document and get the lowest possible publishing cost! EZBook’s unique page assembly options allow multiple classes on a page. Maximize every page layout and reduce the number of pages you need! EZBook software is provided free when you choose the EZBook Desktop publishing plan.

Save Time

Assemble portrait pages quickly and easily with pictures and data from a portrait CD. Automatically alphabetize and organize by class or grade. The personal information editor helps to easily update student or staff information. Import pictures from a professional photo CD, digital camera or from images you have scanned. Create montages right in the program! Save valuable volunteer hours!

Reduce Errors

Student names are imported from your portrait CD database, so you won’t have to retype them. Easily edit personal data to correct misspellings and change names. EZBook is designed to minimize errors common to digital publishing. The program automatically stores all of the necessary data to publish the yearbook so it can’t be accidentally forgotten. It checks the resolution of the imported images and automatically resizes them to be appropriate for high resolution printing! Spellcheck will automatically underline misspelled words in red and allow you to choose from a list of options or add the word to your dictionary.

Design Your Own Page Styles

Use the 'Layout Tab' to choose the configuration of your portrait blocks. EZBook will automatically flow the portraits for you. Drag and drop candid images anywhere on the page. Be as creative as you want! Use the page templates as a guide for your candid images, or create a unique layout all your own. It’s super quick and easy to do! Add your own clip art or choose from the stock EZBook clip art library. Add professionally designed backgrounds, borders or page elements to any of the pages! EZBook includes an extensive artwork library.

Fantastic Font and Text Options

Choose from a large selection of furnished fonts. Easy text placement and sizing. Spellcheck included.

Photographer Friendly

EZBook works with standard RGB JPEG file format images as well as RGB TIFF images; the most widely used picture formats for digital cameras and scanners.

Multiple Users 

An unlimited number of people can create pages at the same time. Install EZBook on more than one computer using the Master/Satellite feature included in EZBook. Work from home and school.

Superior Support 

You are never alone when using EZBook. Our friendly, knowledgeable technical support is just a phone call or email away.