EZBook is both fast and easy to use!

EZBook is flexible, allowing you to use photos from your photographer and candid shots from volunteers. Enlarge, reduce, rotate, crop, frame your photos — EZBook does it all! Create portrait pages, candid pages, even montage pages using EZBook. Automatically flow portrait pages and names onto your pages.

No need to spend endless hours learning complex programs like Adobe® InDesign® or Quark®. EZBook includes AUTOFLOW technology that allows you to produce a portrait page in seconds! EZBook tools are simple, but the book you produce looks fantastic!

EZBook Desktop is FREE and won't cost you one penny when you publish with your EZBook yearbook provider! Quark sells for around $900, and InDesign sells for around $700. EZBook saves you a lot of money just in software alone and allows amazing pricing for yearbooks (some books are published for half the price of a comparable book from other publishing plans!)

Great EZBook Features

In EZBook we have given you a multitude of features and options. Below are just a few.

  • AUTOMATIC FLOWING of multiple portrait pages
  • IMPORT your portraits & data directly into EZBook

  • CROP your candids and portraits in ovals, circles, stars, and more!
  • FREE ROTATION of candids, text and clip art
  • SHAPE DRAWING TOOL lets you draw shapes in many sizes & many colors
  • GROUP OPERATIONS apply changes to multiple items on a page
  • COPY & PASTE items from page to page
  • CREATE your custom cover in EZBook

There are many more reasons to choose EZBook.
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